Static GK Important Questions

🔰 Static GK Important Questions 🔰

🔸 On which river Tehri dam is constructed?
➖ Bhagirathi river in Uttarakhand

🔸 World largest producer of Mica is?
➖ India

🔸 Corbett national park is in which state?
➖ Uttarakhand

🔸 Which sanctuary in Assam is famous for one horned Rhino?
➖ Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary

🔸 In which state Sariska sanctuary is situated?
➖ Rajasthan

🔸 Simlipal National Park is in which state?
➖ Orissa

🔸 The world’s largest salt water lake is?
➖ Caspian Sea (in Russia)

🔸 The world’s largest fresh water lake is?
➖ Lake Superior (in Canada)

🔸 The largest ocean of the world is?
➖ Pacific ocean

🔸 The smallest ocean of the world is?
➖ Artic ocean

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