Some Important Fact About Environment | Most important For all Competitive Exams

♻️National Environment Research Institute – Nagpur MH

♻️Study of Environment – Ecology

♻️Eco mark is given to an Indian product – Environment Friendly

♻️Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment – 1972

♻️Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro – 1992

♻️Kyoto Protocol is an international treaty – 1992

♻️International Carbon Action Partnership(ICAP) – 2007

♻️Art 48A of the Indian Constitution “Protection and improvement of environment and safeguarding of Forests and wildlife”

♻️Dia Mirza Goodwill ambassador of UNEP

♻️Viswanathan Anand Joins WWF India As Ambassador For Environment Education

♻️Pavan Sukhdev won Tyler Prize 2020 for Environmental Achievement

♻️Environmental Performance Index 2020 INDIA ranked 177

♻️Rameshwar Prasad Gupta – Environment, Forest and Climate Change Secretary

♻️Prakash Javadekar – Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change

♻️Babul Supriyo – Minister of State in the Environment Ministry

♻️Russia plans to launch its 1st satellite to monitor arctic climate & environment named Arktika-M

♻️Song ‘Hawa Aane De’ launched to spread awareness about Air pollution in 2019 MoEFCC

🏆Prize Releated to Environment🏆

🔹Champion of the earth (UN’s highest Enviornmental Award)

🔹Goldman Enviornmental Prize

🔹Tyler Prize (Nobel Prize for Environment)

🔹Zayed International Prize for the Environment

🔹The Green Ribbon Award

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