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🏵🏵Navratnas of Akbar🏵🏵

Navaratnas or Nauratan was a term applied to a group of nine extraordinary people in an emperor’s court in India. The well-known Navaratnas include the ones in the courts of the legendary emperor Vikramaditya, the Mughal emperor Akbar, and the feudal lord Raja Krishnachandra.

✍️In this post we will discuss about Navratnas of Akbar

💎Abul Fazal
➖His real name was Shaikh Abu al-Fazal ibn Mubarak also known as Abu’l-Fazl, Abu’l Fadl and Abu’l-Fadl ‘Allami.
➖He was the author of Akbarnama and Ain-I-Akbari. He also translated the Bible into the Persian language.

💎Raja Todar Mal
➖He was the Finance Minister of the Mughal empire during Akbar’s reign and was one of the Navaratnas in Akbar’s court.
➖He introduced standard weights and measures, a land survey and settlement system, revenue districts, and officers. This system of maintenance by Patwari is still used in the Indian Subcontinent which was improved by the British and the Government of India.

💎Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana
➖He was the son of Bairam Khan, Akbar’s trusted guardian and mentor.
➖Known for his Urdu couplets and his books on astrology.
➖He translated Babar’s memoirs, Baburnama from the Chagatai language to the Persian language.
➖He wrote two books on astrology- Khetakautukam and Dwatrimshadyogavali.

💎Raja Birbal
➖He played the role of the court jester in the court of Akbar.
➖His real name was Maheshdas and the name Raja Birbal was given by Akbar.
➖He was a great singer and poet in the Mughal Court of Akbar the Great. He was a master in Sanskrit, Persian and Hindi languages.
➖He also gave military and administrative services to Akbar and died in the battle while subduing the unrest amongst Afghani tribes in North-west India.

➖His real name was Shaikh Abu al-Faiz ibn Mubarak, popularly known by his pen-name, Faizi was a poet laureate and Abul Fazal’s brother.
➖He was one of the Navratnas of Akbar and was given the status of Malik-ush-Shu’ara (Court Poet) by Akbar.
➖He translated “Lilavati (Sanskrit work in Maths by Bhaskaracharya)”, into Persian.

💎Fakir Aziao-Din
➖He was a Sufi mystic and an advisor.
➖He used to advise Akbar on religious matters.

➖Ramtanu was his birth name and was a disciple of Swami Haridas in earlier days and later on, he learned music from Hazrat Muhammad Ghaus.
➖He was a musician in Akbar’s court and is remembered for his epic Dhrupad compositions, creating several new ragas, as well as for writing two classic books on music- Sri Ganesh Stotra and Sangita Sara.

💎Raja Man Singh I
➖Raja Man Singh I was the Raja of Amber and was one of the famous Navaratnas of the royal court of Akbar.
➖He was a general in Akbar’s army and was the grandson of Akbar’s father-in-law Bharmal.
➖He fought many battles including the historic battle of ‘Haldighati’ against Maharana Pratap.

💎Mullah Do Piaza
➖He acted as an advisor to Akbar.

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