Most Important Science Question & Answers for all Competitive Exams / By Kajal Ma’am

1. What does acid give?
answer. Protein gives

2. Who was the first to synthesize urea in the laboratory?
answer. Wohler

3. Which organ is adversely affected by the consumption of ethyl alcohol in excess?
answer. On lever

4. Who was awarded the first Nobel Prize in the field of Chemistry?
Answer: J.H. To wanthaf

5. What does LPG primarily consist of?
answer. Methane, propane and butane

6. What is the process related to the burning of hydrogen?
answer. Oxidation

7. Who is credited with discovering inert gases?
answer. To ramje

8. Which gas is used to cook raw fruits artificially?
answer. Acetylene

9. What is the name of the coating of a thin layer of zinc in an object of steel or iron?
answer. Renown

10. What is the mass number of nuclei?
answer. Number of nucleos in the nucleus

11. Urea is found most in human body?
answer. In urine

12. Which is known as brown coal?
Answer: Lignite

13. What are the ions which have the same number of electrons?
answer. Electronics

14. Which is the lightest metal?
answer. Lithium

15. Which is the catalyst used in the hydrogenation of oils?
Answer. NI

16. Ethylene sulfur reacts with mono chloride to form which toxic gas?
Answer: Mustard Gas

17. Which metal is most heavy?
answer. Gold

18. Is there dry ice?
answer. Solid CO2

19. From which mineral was radium obtained?
answer. Pitch blind

20. Which was the first man-made artificial race?
answer. Nylon

21. Which metal is used in transistors like semiconductors?
Answer: Germanium

22. Edible oils are converted into vegetable ghee by which process?
answer. Hydrogenation

23. Which is the essential basic element of all bio-yogis?
Answer: Carbon

24. What is added to provide hardness to steel?
answer. Chromium

25. What is the chemical name of Neela Thotha?
answer. Copper sulphate

26. Heavy water is a type of?
answer. Mandak

27. Natural rubber is a polymer of
answer. Isoprene

28. What is the predominant polluted gas coming out of vehicles?
answer. Carbon monoxide

29. Which one of the types of coal has a higher percentage of carbon than the remaining types?
Answer: Anthracite

30. Isotopes occur?
answer. Equal number of neutrons

31. Alkali is a substance which?
answer. Proton eclipses

32. Which is a hard metal?
answer. Platinum

33. Is scavenger?
answer. Purification agent

34. What will be the change in boiling point and freezing point of water after adding salt to water?
answer. Will increase and decrease respectively

35. Which chemist proposed the principle of vitality?
answer. Bajilius

36. What is the basis of classification of elements in Mendeleev’s periodic table?
answer. Atomic mass

37. What is a chemical process that takes place in the same direction (left to right)?
Reversible response

38. Which gas is responsible for the humor of the ozone layer?
answer. Chloro fluoro carbon

39. Elements whose atomic weight is the same but different atomic numbers are called what?
answer. Isobar

40. Smoke is an example of
answer. Billion of solids in gas

41. Which gas has the highest volume in air?
answer. Nitrogen

42. What number represents anti-phosphor quality of a fuel?
answer. Octane number

43. Aluminum ore is extracted from which ore?
answer. Bauxite

44. A mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen gases is obtained by pouring water vapor on red oath coke. What is it called?
answer. Water gas

45. Which gas is used to fill the tires of aircraft?
answer. Helium

46. ​​Which substance is used in preservation of food items?
answer. sodium benzoate

47.Which metal is used as filament in light bulbs?
answer. Tungsten

48. Eurotripine used in urinary diseases is made from
Answer: formaldehyde

49. is a natural polymer?
answer. Starch

50. Who is known as Kath Spirit?
answer. methyl alcohol

51. On whose outer surface of galvanized iron, whose thin layer is covered?
Answer: Just

52. What is the chemical formula of urea?
Answer: HN2CONH2

53. What happens in an endothermic reaction?
answer. Heat is absorbed

54. Which is the most inert gas found in the atmosphere?
answer. Organ

55. Radio carbon dating is determined by
answer. Age of fossil

56. Which gas is used to add metals to metals?
Answer: Acetylene

57. From whom is commercial Vaseline extracted?
answer. Petroleum

58. At what temperature is the maximum density of water?
Answer. + 4 ° C.

59. Is Refined Spirit?
Answer: 95.57% ethyl alcohol and 4.43% water

60. Tartaric acid is found in
answer. In tamarind

61. What is Power Alcohol?
Answer: Ethyl alcohol used as fuel

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