1. Which river forms the delta of Sundarbans
is ?

Answer: Ganga

2. Which state has the largest network of railways in India?
is ?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

3. United States biggest
In which state is the goldmine mine ‘Homestake’
situated at ?

Answer: In South Dakota

4. Andes Pavtamala (South America) highest
What is the name of the peak?

Answer: Aconcagua

5. Which businesses in most of the plateau parts of the world
What is the predominance of?


6. Where is the ‘plateau of Meseta’ located?

Answer: Spain and Portugal

7. From where does the ‘Canadian Pacific Railroad’ go?

Answer: Halifax to Bankover

8. ‘Indian Forest Surveying Department established in 1981
Where is the headquarters of?

Answer: Dehradun

9. Black Hill, Blue mountain and Green mountain name
In which country are the hills located?

Answer: United States

10. Where is the origin of river Chenab

Answer: Baralacha dare

11. Where the coal found in abundance in India?

Answer: In Gondwana Region

12. ‘Hirakud Project’ Kiss
Which river is located in the state?

Answer: Odisha, on Mahanadi

13. What is the capital of ‘Rwanda’?

Answer: Kigali

14. In which paitmala is Mount Etna located?

Answer: Sicily (Italy)

15. Australia is situated on the banks of which river?

Answer: Mare Dalig (3717 km)

16. Who discovered Greenland
Was it?

Answer: Roberta Peary

17. Which is the highest waterfall

Answer: Salto Angel (Venezuela)

18. ‘Dodoma’ is the capital of which country?
is ?
Answer: Tanzania

19. What is the capital of ‘Uganda’?

Answer: Kampala

20. Which day of the sun from the earth
Distance is minimum

Answer: On January 3

21. Highest distance of -1 ° longitude-
Is the minimum?

Answer: On the equator

22. What is ‘Roar Chalisa’?

Answer: Near 40 ° latitude in the Southern Hemisphere
Places where strong westerly winds blow

23. ‘ Where is the original residence of Maori?
Answer: In New Zealand

24. Which rivers of Tungabhadra and Bhima rivers
That are tributaries?

Answer: Krishna River

25. Highest of Chotanagpur plateau
Which peak?

Answer: Parasnath

26. Which is the largest peninsula in the world?

Answer: Arabian Peninsula (Area 32,50,000
Wk km)

27. Which of the malaria from Cinchona tree-
What medicine is made?

Answer: quinine

28. India’s largest canal project
which one is it?
Answer: Indira Gandhi Canal (Rajasthan Canal)
Assignment or Project

29. Man-made lake in Bhakra-Nangal Project
By what name is it known?

Answer: In the name of Govind Sagar

30. Which planet is labeled as ‘Red Star’?
Is given ?

Answer: To Mars

31. ‘Mount McKinley’ located in North America
Which mountain has its peak?

Answer: Rockies

32. Kiss the terrain taken from the sea in the Netherlands
Is known by name?

Answer: In the name of Polder

33. London is situated on the banks of which river?
Answer: On the banks of the River Thames

34. India’s deepest mine
which one is it ?

Answer: Kolar mine

35. The grasslands of which country are called ‘Pampas’?
Answer: Argentina

36. Which city is the main office of making weather maps in the country
Is located in?

Answer: In Pune

37. ‘Machkund Hydropower Project’ joint of which states

Answer: Odisha and Andhra Pradesh
38. Which is the highest peak of Uttar Pradesh Himalayas?

Answer: Nanda Devi

39. Which is the most urbanized state of India
is ?

Answer: Goa

40. Great tide comes when-

Answer: Earth, Moon and Sun are one
Are straight

41. Which country area of South America
Is the largest in terms of?

Answer: Brazil

42. Of the orbits of Mars and Jupiter
Of shells orbiting around the sun
What is a group of small pieces called?

Answer: Asteroids

43. On which river ‘Almatti Dam’
is ?

Answer: On the Krishna River

44. Jawahar Sagar, Ranapratap Sagar, and Gandhi Sagar
On which river are the reservoirs built?

Answer: On Chambal River

45. Who connects ‘Zojila Dara’?

Answer: Leh and Srinagar

46. Eskamo buffs in tundra area
What are the super circular houses built with the help of?
is ?

Answer: Igloo

47. Of mud banks in estuaries of rivers
Simultaneously light olive color
Of vegetative and respiratory origin
What is a tidal forest called?

Answer: Guaran

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