Most Important Logies Study for SSC CGL/ CHSL By Kajal mam

🍁Agrostology: Study of grasses

🍁Agronomy: Study of scientific farming

🍁Anthropology: The study of man’s development

🍁Archaeology: The detailed study of history and past civilizations

🍁Demography: Study of the statistics of the social data

🍁Ethnology: Studying how the races started

🍁Genetics: The study of heredity

🍁Linguistics: Study of languages

🍁Meteorology: Study of weather

🍁Seismology: Study of earthquakes

🍁Neurology: Study of the complete nervous system of the human body

🍁Dermatology: Study of skin

🍁Ophthalmology. Study of the eye and its diseases

🍁Endocrinology: Study of hormones

🍁Oncology: Study of cancerous cells

🍁Pathology: Study of diseases

🍁Laryngology: Study of throat

🍁Rhinology: Study of the diseases of the nose

🍁Gerontology: Study of old age-related diseases

🍁Chiropodist: Someone who specializes in feet care

🍁Toxicology: Study of toxic substances or the poison

🍁Paleontology: Study of Fossils

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