Metro Train Gk

When and where was the world’s first metro train run?
10 May 1863 in London

Where did the world’s first metro train run from?
Paddington to Faringdon Street

What is the Metro train running in London called?
Underground train

How many cities of the world do metro trains run?
In more than 150 cities

किन Which cities of India run metro trains?
In Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Mumbai

In which city was the first metro train run in India?
In kolkata

In Kolkata, between which two places was the first metro train run?
Between Esplonade and Bhawanipur

Which is the world’s second largest and Asia’s first metro project?
Delhi metro project

Who handles the metro rail transport system in Delhi?
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

When was Delhi Metro Corporation established?
In 1995

Which companies made Delhi Metro trains?
Mitsuwishi of Japan and Rotem Companies of South Korea

Who flagged off the first test train of Delhi Metro train?
Shri LK Advani

In whose hands was the Delhi Metro started?
Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s

Which two places did the first metro train run in Delhi?
Shahdara to Tis Hazari

Where was Delhi’s first metro train from Shahdara to Tis Hazari constructed?
In Changwan factory in South Korea

Who is known as म’Metro Man ‘?
To Mr. Sreedharan

Which country has the highest contribution to Delhi Metro project?
Of japan

What are the clocks in Ametro station called?
Synchronized clocks

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