Kajal Sihag Ma’am Important Notes

Who discovered the blood group
Karl Landsteiner
How many groups are there in human blood
Four: A, B, AB, O
Which blood is co-operative?
Which blood type is the provider?
How much plasma is in human blood
How much water is in the plasma?
What is the lifetime of red blood cells (RBC)
20 days
What is the lifetime of black blood cells (WBC)
2 to 5 days
The number of RBCs is measured by which instrument
What is the function of black blood cells
Protecting the body from infectious diseases
What is the ratio of RBC and WBC in the body
600: 1
When did Karl Landsteiner receive the Nobel Prize
1930 years
What is the iron compound found in hemoglobin?
Who discovered the circulatory system
1628 AD by William Harvey.
What is the normal blood pressure in human body
120mm Hg / 80mm Hg
Normally how much blood is in the human body
5-6 liters
How much blood can the heart pump in 1 minute
4.5 liters
Which antibodies are not found in which blood group
Both antibodies are found in which blood group
In which organism was the ⭕RH group detected?
In rhesus monkey
What type of tissue is the blood
Liquid connective tissue
Where red blood molecules are formed in embryo
In liver
Where ⭕RBC is manufactured
In the bone marrow
What is respiratory pigment in muscles
What is Alukemia
Blood cancer
By what time does the number of RBCs decrease at the time of sleep?
Who marks the change of heart?
Electrocardiogram (ECG)
What is the time of blood flow
2 to 8 minutes
The amount of blood in human body is what% of its weight
7% of weight
Which disease occurs when the amount of hemoglobin in the body decreases
Blood loss
How much glucose is in the plasma?
The main function of antibodies is against
Against infection
What is the organ that purifies blood
What is the effect on the human body’s red blood cells by going higher
Their number will increase
What is the function of hemoglobin in the body
Oxygen transport
Hemoglobin is an important component of
Blood does not freeze due to the presence of human body
Which element plays a major role in the formation of blood
The blood pressure of man is measured by
How long does it take for a man’s body to crack once
0.8 seconds
How many cells are there in human heart
कौन Who acts as a blood bank in human body
Who first studied the blood circulation system?
William Harvey,
Whom is the pacemaker related to
from heart
What is the process of purification of human body called

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