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Question 1- Manda is situated on which river.
Answer – On Chenab.
Question 2- On which river Ropad was the main place of Harappan civilization.
Answer – On Sutlej River.

Question 3- At which place in the Indus Civilization, remains of wells were found in houses.
Answer – In Mohenjodaro.

Question 4- Which was the main crop of Indus civilization.
Answer – Barley and wheat.

Question 5- Where is the contemporary civilization of Harappa called Rangpur.
Answer – In Saurashtra.

Question 6- Who discovered Harappa and Mohenjodaro.
Answer – Sir John Marshall.

Q7- Which god did the people of Indus Civilization trust the most.
Answer – Mother power.

Q8- What was the piece made in Harappan civilization?
Answer – From Selkhadi.

Q9- From which place did you get the bronze idol of the woman with the dance posture?
Answer – From Mohan Joddo.

Question 10- Where is Mohan Jodo located at this time.
Answer – Sindh, Pakistan.

Question 11- Who propounded the theory of monotheism.
Answer – Shankaracharya.

Question 12- Who gave the theory of specific dualism.
Answer – Ramanuja.

Question 13- When and where was Gautam Buddha born?
Answer – 563 BC Lumbini (Nepal).

Question 14- Where did Gautama Buddha attain the enlightenment.
Answer – Gaya (Bihar).

Question 15- When and where did Gautama Buddha die.
Answer – 483 BC. Kushinagar (U.P.).

Question 16- Where did Gautama Buddha give his first sermon.
Answer – Sarnath (UP).

Question 17- What is the literal meaning of Buddha.
Answer – Bright.

Question 18- In which language did Gautam Buddha give his sermons.
Answer – In Pali language.

Question 19- Jataka story is related to which religion?
Answer – Buddhism.

Question 20- According to Jainism, how many Tirthakaras were there.
Answer – 24.

Question 21- In what year did the Portuguese give Bombay as a dowry to the British.
Answer – In 1661 AD.
Question 22- Who were the first to come to India and the next to go to Europe.
Answer – Portuguese.

Question 23- Who is called the actual founder of the Portuguese empire?
Answer – Albuquerque.

Question 24- Plassey was fought at the time of the Nawab of which Bengal.
Answer – Sirrajuddila.

Question 25- Who got the most benefit of Marathas defeat in the third battle of Panipat.
Answer – East India Company.

Question 26- Which was the most prosperous state in the provinces under the Mughal Empire.
Answer – Bengal.

Question 27- Who started the monopoly system.
Answer – Murshid Quli Khan.

Question 28- Who started giving advance loans to farmers for farming.
Answer – Takabi loan.

Question 29- Under whose rule Bengal came to be known as heaven of India.
Answer – Alivardi Khan.

Question 30- Who transferred the treasury from Murshidabad to Calcutta.
Answer – Warren Hastings.

Question 31- After which act Warren Hastings was made Bengal Governor General.
Answer – Regulating Act.
Question 32- Who established a civil and criminal court in each district.
Answer – Warren Hastings.

Where did Warren Hastings set up the Supreme Court under the Regulating Act of Question 33- 1773 AD.
Answer – Kolkata.

Question 34- Who founded the Asiatic Society of Bengal.
Answer – William Jones in 1784.

Question 35- On which Governor General was impeached in British Parliament.
Answer – Warren Hastings. It was later acquitted.

Question 36- Warren Hastings was impeached due to opposition to which act.
Answer – Pitts India Act (1784 AD). When he resigned in protest of this act and reached England, he was impeached.

Question 37- During whose time the Board of Revenue was established.
Answer – Warren Hastings.

Question 38- Whom did the Third Anglo-Mysore War with the British during Lord Cornwallis.
Answer – Tipu Sultan.

Question 39- When and who made the permanent settlement.
Answer – Lord Cornwallis in 1793 AD.

Question 40- Lord Cornwallis started the courts by ending the District Criminal Courts.
Answer – Touring court. (Three in Bengal and one in Bihar)

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