Important Notes About AURANGZEB

1. Where was Aurangzeb born?
►-at a place called Dohad of Ujjain.
2. Where was Aurangzeb the governor before becoming the emperor?
3. How many times did Aurangzeb get his coronation?
4- twice.
4. By what name did Aurangzeb sit on the throne?
Answer: Aurangzeb Alamgir
5. Which tax did Aurangzeb abolish after sitting on the throne?
राह-Ration and Bans
6. On whose advice did Aurangzeb rule Islamically?
7. Who was Mir Muhammad Hakim?
7-Guru of Aurangzeb
8. Which religion did Aurangzeb follow?
9. Aurangzeb ended which celebration started by Akbar?
►-Nowroz Festival and Jharokha Darshan
10. Which tax did Aurangzeb impose on the non-Muslim people of the state?
11. Who prohibited publicly celebrating Hindu festivals?
12. By what name was Aurangzeb known for his personal characteristics?
जिंदा-alive pir
13. Where did Aurangzeb build a replica of the Taj Mahal on the request of his begum?
Answer: Aurangabad
14. By what name is the replica of Taj Mahal known?
►-Biwi’s Tomb or Second Taj Mahal (1679 AD)
15. When did Aurangzeb die?
170-1707 AD
16. Where was Aurangzeb buried?
में-In the burial place of Fakir Buhanranuddin located in Daulatabad.
17. What were the rebellions during Aurangzeb?
जा-Jat rebellion, Satnami rebellion, Rajput rebellion and Sikh rebellion.

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