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🌍 Geography One Liner 🌍
♻️The Earth also called – Blue Planet. It is the densest of all planets.

♻️What is the Circumference of Earth: 40,232 Kilometers.

♻️What is the area of Earth: 510 million Square Kilometers Average distance from sun: 149 million Kilometers.

♻️Earth Perihelion: Nearest position of earth to sun.

♻️Aphelion : Farthest position of earth from sun.

♻️Earth Spins on its imaginary axis from – west to east in 23 hrs, 56 min and 40.91sec

♻️The longest day in North Hemisphere is – June 21

♻️The shortest day in North Hemisphere is – 22 Dec

♻️The longest day in South Hemisphere is – 22 Dec

♻️The shortest day in South Hemisphere is – June 2

♻️What is Earth’s average orbital velocity – 29.79 Kilometers/s.

♻️Earth takes time, revolution around the sun is – 365 days, 5 hrs, 48 min and 45.51 sec.

♻️The North Pole represent in – 90° N and the South Pole 90° S.

♻️How many latitudes are there – total 181 latitudes including the equator.

♻️The distance between any two parallels of latitude is always – equal.

♻️The distance between any two meridians is – not equal.

♻️There are 360 meridians of longitude. The prime meridian is a longitude of 00, passing through the Royal Observatory at Greenwich near London.

♻️The earth is divided into, how many longitudinal zones – 24 longitudinal zones, each being 15° or 1 hour apart in time (4 minutes/degree).

♻️When Lunar Eclipse occurs – When earth comes between Sun and Moon

♻️The point of origin of earthquake is called Seismic focus

♻️The point on the earth’s surface vertically above the earth’s surface is called Epicentre.

♻️The passage of earthquake waves is recorded by Seismograph.

♻️How many types of rocks are there – 3 (Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic)

♻️Composition of Earth – Made up of over 100 elements.

The following 8 are important:

🚸Oxygen ->46.5%
🚸Silicon ->27.72%
🚸Aluminium ->8.13%
🚸Iron ->5 .01%
🚸Calcium ->3.63%
🚸Sodium -> 2.85%
🚸Potassium -> 2.62%
🚸Magnesium ->2.09%

⚠️World Continents

♻️Which are the seven continents of the World –

🚸North America
🚸South America


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