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✅ General Knowledge ✅

🔹 When an ant bites a person, which irritating chemical it injects?
➨ Formic acid

🔹 In the 8th Schedule of the Indian Consitution, how many languages have been officially recognised?
➨ 22

🔹 Even though India became independent in 1947 but Daman and Diu remained a European colony till 1961. Which country ruled over it?
➨ Portugal

🔹 Headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) is in?
➨ Montreal (Canada)

🔹 With which sport is the Duckworth-Lewis Method associated?
➨ Cricket

🔹 What is the normal heart rate of adults at rest?
➨ 72 beats per minute

🔹 Kailash Temple at Ellora in Maharahstra was built by the rulers of which dynasty?
➨ Rashtrakuta

🔹 What is the interest rate at which banks borrow money from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) called?
➨ Repo Rate

🔹 International Date Line, an imaginary line where date changes as one travels east or west across it, passes through which longitude?
➨ 180 degree

🔹 Who wrote the famous essay ‘Unto This Last’, which was later translated into Gujarati by Mahatma Gandhi under the title of ‘Sarvodaya’?
➨ John Ruskin



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