40 Important 40 questions related to Chandrayaan 2 in one place

40 Important 40 questions related to Chandrayaan 2 in one place.

Question 1 When was Chandrayaan Mission 2 launched?
Answer: 22 July 2019

Question 2 Chandrayaan-2 campaign was launched with which powerful rocket of India?
Answer – GSLV Mark 3

Question 3 Which Indian organization launched Chandrayaan Mission 2?
Answer – ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization)

Question 4 Chandrayaan-2 was launched from which space station?
Answer – Satish Dhawan Space Center

Question 5 How much did it cost to launch Chandrayaan Mission 2?
Answer – 960 crores

Question 6 Where is the headquarters of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) located?
Answer: Bengaluru

Q7 Where to land Chandrayaan-2?
Answer – On the South Pole of the Moon

Question 8 Where was the Chandrayaan-2 campaign launched?
Answer: Sriharikota

Question 9 Where is the Satish Dhawan Space Center?
Answer – Andhra Pradesh

Question 10 Who has India’s Ministry of Space?
Answer – Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Question 11 Who is the project director of Chandrayaan Mission 2?
Answer: M Vanita and Ritu Karidhal

Question 12 Who is currently the President of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization)?
Answer – K Sivan (2019)

Question 13 How many days will it take for Chandrayaan-2 to reach the South Pole of the Moon?
Answer: 53 to 54 days

Question 14 Which mission of Chandrayaan-2 expedition will be for India’s moon?
Answer – Second

Question 15 When was Chandrayaan Mission 1 launched?
Answer: 22 October 2008

Q16 Where was Chandrayaan-2 launched?
Answer – Satish Dhawan Space Center (Sriharikota)

Question 17 How much did it cost to launch Chandrayaan Mission 1?
Answer – 380 crores rupees

Question 18 Who was the chairman of ISRO at the time of Chandrayaan Mission 1?
Answer- G. Madhavan Nair

Question 19 Chandrayaan-2 was launched through which rocket?
Answer – PSLV-C11

Question 20 When did Chandrayaan-2 reach the moon?
Answer: On 22 October 2008

Question 21 With the successful sending of Chandrayaan-2, India is the power of the moon, but which country will become the world to reach?
Answer: Fourth

Question 22 What are the three important parts of Chandrayaan 2?
Answer – Orbiter, Landing and Rover

Question 23 What is the name of Chandrayaan Mission 2 Lander?
Answer: Vikram

Question 24 What part of Chandrayaan-2 will Orbital do?
Answer – will revolve around the moon

Question 25 What part of Chandrayaan-2 will Lander work?
Answer: Moon will land on the surface

Question 26 What part of Chandrayaan-2 will Rover work?
Answer – will land on the moon’s surface and go

Question 27 Which country’s Chandrayaan mission Bereshit failed?
Answer: Israel

Question 28 When was the Chandrayaan mission Bereshit launched?
Answer: On 22 February

Question 29 What is the distance between Earth and Moon?
Answer – 384400 km

Question 30: How long does the reflected light from the moon reach the earth?
Answer – 1.30 seconds

Question 31 How much is the Moon’s gravity compared to Earth?
Answer – 1 \ 6

Question 32: What percentage of the Moon is visible from the Earth’s surface?
Answer: 59%

Question 33 What is the diameter of the moon?
Answer – 3478 km

Question 34 What is the technique of description of the Moon called?
Answer: Selenology

Question 35 Neil Armstrong, the first man to step on the moon, landed on which moon?
Answer: Apollo 11

Question 36 When did Neil Armstrong step on the moon?
Answer: 20 July 1969

Question 37 Who is also known as Fossil Planet?
Answer – Moon

Question 38 How much does Chandrayaan-2 weigh?
Answer – 3877 kg

Question 39 Who has become the first country in the world to land on the South Pole of the Moon?
North India

Question 40 What is the work of Arbital?
Answer- The main objective is to communicate between the earth and the lander.

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