Important facts on Satavahana Empire and its rulers

🔰 Important facts on Satavahana Empire and its rulers 🔰

🔹 After the decline of Mauryan empire, Satavahana empire ruled most part of India for about 450 years.
🔹 The Satavahana empire are credited for establishing peace in the country. They effectively resist the onslaught of foreigners after the decline of Mauryan Empire.
🔹 The Satavahanas were the first to issue coins with their rulers embossed on it.
🔹 Simuka was the founder of Satavahana empire.
🔹 Simuka conquered the present-day Maharashtra and parts of Madhya Pradesh (including Malwa).
🔹 Srikakulam was the capital of Satavahana empire.
🔹 Simuka ruled for about 23 years (230-207 B.C.).
🔹 Simuka was succeeded by his brother Kanha who extended the empire towards South India.
🔹 Satkarni-I was the 6th ruler of the Satavahana empire. He ruled for 56 years (180–124 BC).
🔹 Satkarni-I defeated the Sunga dynasty of North India.
🔹 Satkarni-I extended Satavahana rule over Madhya Pradesh and pushed back the Sakas from Pataliputra.
🔹 Satkarni-I was mentioned in Hathigumpha inscription of Kharavela.
🔹 According to Purana he conquered Kalinga after the death of Kharavela.
🔹 Hala was the 17th king of Satavahan empire. He compiled the Gatha Saptashati (in Prakrit language) which was based on love.
🔹 Gautamiputra Satkarni was the 23rd ruler of the Satavahana empire. He was the greatest ruler of Satavahana empire.
🔹 Gautamiputra Satkarni ruled Satavahana empire from 78-102 A.D. He had the title of Brahmana.
🔹 Gautamiputra Satkarni revived the Satavahana empire by destroying the Shakas (Western Kshatrapas), Yavanas (Indo-Greeks) and Pahlavas (Indo-Parthians). He defeated Nahapana, the Saka king.
🔹 Achievements of Gautamiputra Satkarni was mentioned in Nasik inscription composed by his mother, Gautami.
🔹 Satavahanas ruler were the first rulers to donate land to Brahmanas.
🔹 Nasik and Nanaghat are the important inscription which give detail information of Satavahana empire.

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