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General chemistry quiz

Q: What kind of fire extinguishers are used for petrol fires?
Answer: Foamed

Question – Which scientist first created the ‘Periodic Table’?
Answer: Mendeleev

Question – Who gave the modern periodic law?
Answer: Moseley

Question – On which one is the modern periodic table based?
Answer: Atomic number

Question – Which ore is mainly extracted from magnesium metal?
Answer: Carnalite

Question – Who is prepared after passing bleaching powder?
Answer: Chlorine on extinguished lime

Question – Which is the second most found burning metal in the womb of the earth?
Answer: Iron

Question – Which disease occurs due to increase in copper content in human body?
Answer – Wilson’s disease

Question – Which chemical is used to destroy algae in water tanks?
Answer: Copper sulphate

Q. In which ore is the extraction of zinc metal mainly done?
Answer: Zinc Bland

General Biology Quiz
Question – Out of energy conversions, photosynthesis is done by
Chemical energy from light

Question- Which gas is released by green plants in light synthesis?
Answer: Oxygen

Question- Which non-vegetative fruits can be obtained by spraying plant hormones?
Answer: Auxin

Question – Who is controlled by light movement?
Answer: Auxin

Question: Which Indian scientist is associated with the growth enhancement titration?
Answer – JK C. Bose

Question- Which tree needs maximum amount of water for its growth?
Answer: Eucalyptus

Question – What is the green substance found in the leaves of trees?
Answer: Chlorophyll

Question – Who is the most responsible factor for prostate diseases?
Answer: Mildew

Question- Which disease is related to green bali disease?
Answer: Millet

Question – tick disease is related to which crop?
Answer: Peanut

Question: Why is the famous disease of Khaira disease caused by?
Answer: Due to zinc deficiency

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