पदार्थों के व्यापारिक नाम और रासायनिक सूत्र | Most Important For all Competitive Exams


पदार्थों के व्यापारिक नाम  और रासायनिक सूत्र |

 *Trade names of substances and chemical formulas 



Trade Name – Urea

Chemical Name – Carbamide

Formula – NH2CONH2



Trade Name – Chloroform

Chemical Name – Tri Chloro Methane

Thread – CHCL3



Trade Name – Grape Juice

Chemical Name – Glucose

Thread – C6H12O6



Business Name – Mand

Chemical Name – Starch

Thread – C6H10O5



Trade name – Marsh Gas

Chemical Name – Methane

Thread – CH4



【Green case】

Business Name – Green Case

Chemical Name – Ferrous Sulphate

Formula – FeSO4.7H2O


【White case】

Trade Name – White Case

Chemical Name – Zinc Sulphate

Formula – ZnSO4.7H2O


【Blue case】

Trade Name – Blue Case

Chemical Name – Copper Sulphate

Formula – CuSO4.5H2O


【Horn silver】

Trade Name – Horn Silver

Chemical Name – Silver Chloride

Formula – AgCl


【Lunar Caustic】

Trade Name – Lunar Caustic

Chemical Name – Silver Nitrate

Formula – AgNO3


【Chinese White】

Trade name – Chinese White

Chemical Name – Zinc Oxide

Thread – ZnO


【Water gas】

Trade Name – Water Gas

Chemical name – mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas

Formula – CO + H2


【Producer Gas】

Trade Name – Producer Gas

Chemical name – mixture of carbon monoxide and nitrogen gas

Formula – CO + N2


【Muratic acid】

Trade name – Muratic acid

Chemical Name – Hydrochloric Acid

Threads – HCL


ां Lamping Gas】

Trade Name – Lampig Gas

Chemical Name – Nitrous Oxide

Thread – N2O



Trade Name – Marble

Chemical Name – Calcium Carbonate

Formula – CaCO3


【Red medicine】

Trade name – red medicine

Chemical Name – Potassium Permanganate

Formula – KMnO4


【Banking soda】

Trade Name – Banking Soda

Chemical Name – Sodium Bicarbonate

Formula – NaHCO3


【Runaway soda】

Trade Name – Dhawan Soda

Chemical Name – Sodium Carbonate

Formula – Na2CO3.10H2O


【common salt】

Trade Name – Common Salt

Chemical Name – Sodium Chloride

Formula – NaCl

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